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About BOS

Not your usual government website...

Virginia takes its businesses very seriously and time is money. We've created this site to live up to its name and be a quick One-Stop source for information related to business in Virginia.

Part of our goal is to fairly and efficiently connect private businesses to the resources they need as quickly as possible and to be the best point-of-contact for changes affecting business in Virginia.

Throughout the site, you'll see logos of agencies or organizations next to external links. These will always open in a new window so you don't lose your place. You'll also see Pro-Tip's like this one that give you quick bites of information.

In addition, the Business Registration System, accessible from the Business One Stop web page, will walk a new business owner through each step they’ll need to complete in order to establish their new business, including:

  • Name / entity registration forms
    (currently forms will still need to be printed and mailed or filed in person with the appropriate office)
  • Federal and state tax registration
  • Many professional and local business licenses
  • Small, Woman-owned and/or Minority-owned (SWAM) business certification
  • eVA system procurement registration

This tool is the first step to having all business-related paperwork for the commonwealth centralized and streamlined.

This site is about you, the businessperson, not the government agencies. If we've missed something, if you have a suggestion, or feel we could do something better, don't hesitate to send us Feedback.

Site History

  • Virginia’s Business One Stop was launched in May of 2008 in order to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the information and completing the steps required to register their business.
  • The Business One Stop has grown in the years since, expanding to include a number of agencies that touch a Virginia business. The goal of the Business One Stop is to be the first and only stop a business will need to make when establishing a business or accomplishing tasks related to their business.
  • Going forward, more features will be added to the Business One Stop web page and the New Business Wizard online registration system.

Custodial Responsibility